How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned?

The cost of cleaning the gutter

The average for gutter cleaning Dayton is USD 157 or between USD 118 and 225. One-story houses can cost from 70 to 200 USD. Two-story houses range from 90 to 225 USD per task. Three or more stories may cost an additional $ 75 to $ 200 for the service.

Traditionally, cleaning services follow the pricing model per linear foot, charging USD 1 per linear foot in one-story houses and USD 2 per linear foot in two-story houses.

Clean the gutters one to three times a year, depending on the climate, regardless of whether you have coverage and the number of trees near your home. Do you need help with this task so often? Find your nearest gutter cleaning service.

Gutter cleaning prices

In summary, the average national price for gutter cleaning is between USD 125 and 175 per task. The total cost of the project depends on several variables: the number of floors in your home, the length of the gutters, their condition, modifications added and any additional repair needs.

Formula for the cost of cleaning the gutter

There are two ways to manually calculate the estimate for a gutter cleaning project.

Linear feet: estimate the length of the gutters in feet along the house and multiply the sum by

  • $ 1 for one story
  • USD 2 for a two-story building.

* Square foot: Estimate the total area of ​​the house, excluding areas without gutters, and multiply it

  • $ 0.40 for a one-story house
  • $ 0.80 for a two-story house.

For two-story houses, the service may charge an additional $ 75-200 to take into account additional risk factors and equipment needed, such as the use of extended ladders or steep roof slopes.

Cost factors to clean rain gutters

Here are some of the factors that professionals use to calculate the cost of this project:

  • Linear alloys
  • House height
  • Gutters with a seam and seamless of metal
  • Gutter size
  • Condition: disease
  • Downspout installation
  • Accessories
  • Applicable installation discounts
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Request

Metal combined with seamless

Regardless of the fact that the gutters are stapled or seamless, the cleaning costs are relatively the same at an average price of USD 145 per task.

The average cost of repairing seamed gutters is from USD 315 per task, although seamless metal gutters can cost over USD 900 per task, because the gutters are in one large piece, unlike smaller sections.

Gutter length

The cost of cleaning the gutters depends on the number of linear feet or the area of ​​the house. Either way, the larger the house, the more you can expect cleaning costs.

Condition of the gutter

If you have not cleaned the gutters for some time, then the costs will probably be higher due to excessive accumulation. If there is a lot of trash to remove, the task may take longer, and cleaning costs may reflect this extra time. Basically, you should plan to hire a local gutter cleaning company three times a year to remove any dirt or debris that occurs as the seasons change.

Gutter additions

Some cleaning specialists will check and tighten fasteners, remove and reinstall gutter covers and reseal plugs and outlets. This type of maintenance costs USD 11 per hour, including the cost of parts.

You can also install a gutter cover so that you can wait longer between cleanings. Installation of gutter guards costs from 7 to 10 USD per linear foot, including materials. Unfortunately, this will increase the cost of cleaning, because the pro must remove and reinstall screens. But they can save money in the future with less service.

Cleaning the drain system

Drain pipe cleaning is usually more expensive and increases overall costs. The average price for unblocking downpipes is between 50 and 100 USD per task. Installation of gutters and downpipes costs from 5 to 10 USD per installation, depending on the selected materials.

Installing downpipe extensions is $ 6 to $ 15 for installations with the same respect for materials. However, this is a key element in cleaning the gutters, because it will ensure that water flows down into your yard, and not directly into the foundation. Remember that they take more time and increase the final cost.

Learn more about material costs for gutter installations and downpipes.

Installation discounts

Sometimes you can find discounts by signing up for a local gutter cleaning service or contacting specialists outside the season. By checking these discounts, you may be able to save on services each year.

DIY cleaning service versus gutters

Working with licensed gutter cleaners will make your work much easier because they have experience working on a ladder. In addition, you can save yourself the headache of doing work, and risk falling and getting hurt. In addition, by using the services of a reputable cleaning specialist, you can protect yourself from having to take injuries compared to hiring a neighbor or teenager.